Maintenance Frequency at a Glance


The half time of an external link is two years, hence Symbol for an extra windowLink rot is a continuous process.

Maintenance Frequency at a Glance gives you the relation between the maintenance frequency of your website and the percentage of broken links at your site. This might help you to decide how often you should check your website for broken links.

Percentage, frequency

Enter the maximum percentage of external broken links that is acceptable for you and I tell you how often you should check for broken links.

Move the slider to change the maximum acceptable percentage external broken links.

When 3% broken links is acceptable, you should check your site every 1 month.

Frequency, percentage

Enter how often you check for broken links and I tell you what percentage broken links you might expect.

When you check your site every you might expect 8% broken links.

Find the balance

Everyone, including the engineers of search engines like Symbol for an extra windowGoogle and Symbol for an extra windowBing, do not expect that you check your site for broken links at a daily base. At the other hand nobody likes a website with a lot of broken links. So how often should you check your website for broken links?

The answer is "That depends". It depends on the number of external links you have, the time you have for checking broken links and the percentage broken links at similar competitive sites.

In general my advice is to check for broken links every 1 to 3 months with Symbol for an extra windowBroken Links at a Glance or Symbol for an extra windowXenu's Link Sleuth.

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